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Typing course!

Complete 25 lessons ON-LINE. No registration required.


Practice 20 minutes per day to become an Expert!

Why should I practice?

To write 3x faster Save time when rewriting

Show off No more looking and the keyboard

Be healthy By using 10 fingers you will not raise your arms, so you experience less stress

Correct finger positioning

How to improve?

Practice at least 20 minutes per day
Avoid long pieces of test ,
to withwdraw from bad habits.
Don't rush.
Correcting mistakes takes a lot of time and memorises bad habits
Dont give up after 3 days. You will be rewarded, with grat skills!

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Become a keyboard master!

Develop new competencies for free. All of the finished courses are valueble addition to your resume. Practice typing regularly. Remember - DO NOT look at the keyboard, and try to minimize usage of the "backspace" key. If you enjoy 123keys - don't foget to share it!