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About us

Website authors:

Michał Laskowski, enthusiast of e-commerce and innovational educational methods, research scientist of University of Gdańsk.

Jędrzej Gontarczyk, Frontend lover and app creator. Admirer of well done UX

Miranda Laskowska, graphic designer, creative team leader

Touch typing has a big impact on the performance and comfort of working on your computer.Everybody can learn to write correctly on the keyboard. You should try to improve speed and correctness of typed words - aim for 100 characters per minute for each lesson . To keep up the challange application randomly draws a different set of lines to be rewritten, so you can not learn the combination of characters and words exercises by heart.

The website is designed to be help anyone who would like to learn touch typing on the keyboard. Practicing touch typing is worth the struggle, because thanks to the efficient use of the keyboard, we save a lot of time and energy. All of the lessons are available for free. At the end of the lesson, your speed of writing and the number of mistakes made are reported. The results will be used for scientific purposes. The website is maintained thanks to the display of advertisements. If you've noticed the error on the page tell us.

Good Luck

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