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"Cookie" Files Policy

Cookie files (cookies”) are data files stored on user’s end device.These files are not used to identify user and adjust website to your requirements. They do not contain user data. They are also not used for user indentification.Website can store cookies on your end device unless you adjust your browser settings to not accept them. We can only access cookies stored by our website - no third party data are visible to us. If you do not consent to the use of cookies, you can block them anytime, by changing your browser settings. By using this website without changing these setting you consent to cookie files storage. Session cookie files are stored in browser only until you leave our website or shutdown your browser.Persistent cookie files are stored in your browser until you decide to delete them manually.

What is a cookie? "cookies"?

"cookies" Cookies are data files (including text files)used to adjust website to your preferences. "Cookies" usually contain unique ID and address of its website of origin.

Why this website uses cookies? "cookies"?

"Cookies" are used for adjusting website to your preferences and optimizing its performance.They are also used to gather data about user behaviour on site. Such data is used to improve website design and content. They are NOT used to identify user.

What kind of "cookies" are used?

We are using two types of "cookies" – "session cookies" and "persistent cookies". Session cookies are temporary files deleted after logout of the user, or shutdown of a browser/end device.). "persistent cookies " are stored for a time defined in cookie files properties, or until user decides to delete them manually. "Cookies" used by website third party partners may be regulated by rules defined by these parties.

Deletion "of cookie files "

Most of browsers have cookies processing enabled by default, although they setting can be altered to block cookie files usage entirely. Detailed information about this process may be found in your end-device/browser documentation. Blocking "cookie files", may impair some of the website features..